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Employee Testimonials

Our salon has a much laid back environment with cool coworkers. I have gotten very close to the people I work with. The salon is very busy, so no time for drama. I like to be myself at work…a little crazy at times, but we have so much fun!
~ Ashley

My coworkers are amazing, they always put a smile on my face.
~ Krystal

A great comfortable atmosphere and fun people to work with. The owners are cooperative and supportive. I really like it here. I didn’t know that someone could enjoy a job this much. Everyone around here is awesome!
~ Stacy

I can honestly say that I enjoy going to work. Not only are the stylists great, but so is our clientele. The guys love the services we offer, and that makes the customers and staff happy.
~ B

I love my co-workers and having every other weekend off
~ Paula

Working at The Barbershop is a great way for you to utilize your superior skill in men’s hair sculpting. You can develop a loyal clientele quickly through our fast paced, high energy, positive environment.
~ Erica

I love working for the Barbershop. The hours are great, compared to so many other salons. Being a mom, I can spend time with my family and still bring home a decent paycheck. I’ve never worked in a salon where there was so much team work and everybody got along so well. The owners are great. They’re really family oriented. They offer us great benefits AND paid vacations! This is really a great place to work for!
~ Kelly

I have been with the Barbershop for 6.5 years now, and I couldn’t be happier. It has been amazing to see how we have grown, and how our customers love coming here. It is a relaxed, fun, professional, clean, and a great salon to work for, and to be a part of. It is a good feeling to know that you are working for such a great company, and treated so well. I couldn’t ask for anything better!

Working here is great! Love my clients. We have a great staff and an awesome boss. The owners are also super down to earth and great to work for. I love the fast pace of it all!!
~ Terra

I love working at the barbershop because it doesn’t feel like a job. It’s a friendly atmosphere and a very enjoyable place to be. A place where the money is great and the friendships I have made are even better.
~ Leah

I believe in life you get what you put into it, and that’s no different from the Barbershop. If you truly put in 100% each and every day at work you’ll make a heck of a life for yourself.
~ Bobbi Jo

I have been working for the barbershop for 3.5 years and I absolutely love my job here. It is a very laid back, fun atmosphere, while still maintaining a professional and structured system. The owners are very focused on good customer service, which keeps the salon and stylists busy all the time. I come to work with a smile on my face because I work with an amazing group of girls in a fun work atmosphere. I love working for our owners because they care about their business, the employees, and customers more than anything; which makes this the best salon in the valley to work for.

I really like working at The Barbershop for a ton of reasons, but one of the more important reason’s is that it’s locally owned. Our owners are very involved with each salon and they know their staff by name, you’re not just number. I like the atmosphere, we have a steady pace of customers, they are fun, you get to know them and establish a rapport with them. We are only required to every other weekend, where some salons you’re lucky if you even get a weekend off in a month. We have a great staff that gets along and likes to have fun together, not only at work but also outside of work. All around The Barbershop is a great place to work and this is where you want to be!!!
~ Melissa

I love working at The Barbershop and I don’t miss doing women’s hair at all. The clients are friendly, it’s a drama free environment and the tips are great!
~ Jade

It is a pleasure to work with a wonderful team and support a concept that you truly believe in.
~ Britt

The Barbershop is the best place I have ever worked. I can’t say enough about it. I love my job here! The pay is awesome. My schedule is awesome and my co-workers ROCK!
~ Mary

The Barbershop, wow what a different experience from any other place you will work. The first time I came in to fill out an application, I was amazed at how comfortable the lobby setting was, and how laid back and friendly the stylists were. The dress code you can not beat! I love that I get to wear jeans every day! No more spending money on expensive clothes that gets full of hair. Also, some people might think you would get sick of doing only men, but you don’t. Most men are very relaxed and have a good time when they are in your chair. I love joking around with them, and also if you have any car problems you will find a guy that will give you some good suggestions!
~ Jessi

Working at the barbershop makes being a mom and having a career easy. The laid back drama free atmosphere helps you leave your work life at work. I could not be happier with my job.
~ Jessy

I get along great with my coworkers and I love being able to be on a personal basis with my clients in our laid back environment. Everyone that works here takes a lot of pride in their work and it shows. In a lot of ways you can feel proud to be an employee here at The Barbershop. At the end of the day, it’s a great place to work because I have a very flexible schedule, the dress code is relaxed, I usually have off of work every other weekend, my coworkers are a lot of fun, it is always busy, and the money is good. Every day you can come to work and the good outweighs the bad, and that says a lot.
~ Ivy

I have never worked at a place like the Barbershop. It is such a fun salon. The girls I work with are great, even with 16 girls, there is no drama. Everyone gets along great. I have fun with my clients, joking around. Also the tips are great! I am happy to be a part of this team.
~ Ali

It’s the busiest salon I’ve ever worked at with a great work schedule and good tips.
~ Chris

I love working in a drama free environment and that is exactly how The Barbershop is.
~ Mar

I like the fun, laid back environment!
~ Amy

How many people can say that they enjoy going to work everyday? Well, I definitely can! With the amazing co-workers and the relaxed atmosphere of The Barbershop, who wouldn’t enjoy going to work! There are just so many good things about The Barbershop that would make you want to be apart of The Barbershop team!
~ Amanda

A nice laid back environment which, we as barbers enjoy, as well as all our male clientele
~ Lisa

I love my job! The people are amazing, the money is great, and it’s an awesome environment to be in! There isn’t any other place that I would want to work!
~ Becca

I like that when I am here it feels more like I’m hanging out with friends than being at work. We have a great group of girls at our shop! When you get to shoot the “hay” with guys all day long... what could be better?

I am able to enjoy myself at work. The stress of life is easily left at the doorstep. I don’t believe that most people can say they like their jobs or their employers. As many hours a week that are spent working, if you don’t smile just by walking in the door and spending time with coworkers, than you should walk back out the door.
~ Alyssa

I love to be able to be myself, it’s such a fun-loving place to work. Dress code is very casual and comfortable; I love that I can wear my pride for the Packers whenever I want!
~ Ashley

Being in this business for 29 years now, I have never been more blessed to work with a better group of ladies. Going to work and feeling friendship, teamwork and fun is priceless. The concept that the Barbershop created and offers is only one to be proud to be a part of.
~ Britt

The Barbershop has a relaxed atmosphere and fun people to work with.
~ Becky

We have a very nice, casual work environment with flexible hours, and great management.
~ Kelly

Working at The Barbershop is like the Brady Bunch. . . we are all very different and unique ladies, but at the end of the day we are one big, awesome family who know how to get the job done!!
~ Tocarra

What don’t I like about working at the barbershop? It’s actually fun coming to work. The stylists are laid back and very endearing which makes getting along very easy. The customers are also a big part of what makes my job rewarding. They are especially loyal and appreciative. It’s a nice way to make a great living.
~ Katie

Relaxed, not “uppity up” atmosphere!
~ Alyssa

Working at The Barbershop has been just the loveliest experience. The people are so fantastic, kind and fun! I couldn’t have picked a more wonderful place to work. I look forwards to each shift.
~ Jensen

I love the dress code and the fun atmosphere.
~ Danni

The Barbershop is an awesome place to work! Very well-organized and a fun place to work. I love the ladies who work here, and the men who come in are all very nice. Very good place to work
~ Niki

I love the atmosphere; fun, relaxing, enjoyable! Busy pace and great money. Do your thing and have fun doing it for the most part, work stays at work and home stays at home!
~ Amber

Working at The Barbershop is a positive place. You’re not just an employee, you are actually a person and they care about “you”! It’s a fast paced, fun and exciting place to work. You meet and talk to many new cool people
~ Lindasue

I love that we take our time on our clients and I can trust anybody else to cut my clients hair. They definitely get great service for the price. I love my coworkers also, we have so much fun.
~ Niki

The Barbershop ROCKS! Best company to work for!
~ Becky

When clients ask me why I like working for the Barbershop, the answer is simple; The Barbershop is a fun and relaxed work environment. Plus, all of my coworkers are super fantastic which makes it even easier to come to work everyday.
~ Haley

Great working Environment, Great Co-Workers! I just love working for The Barbershop!
~ Karen

t’s a casual, relaxing place to work at. My coworkers are awesome.
~ Kristin

I have been in the industry over 10 years, and I have never been treated so well, or been appreciated by former employers, as I have been since starting at the Barbershop. And the pay is fantastic! I made more in a 6 month period at the Barbershop than I did the entire previous year at another salon.
~ K

This is a great place to work! I love it here!
~ Tammy

I just want to start by saying that I LOVE MY JOB! I’ve been working at The Barbershop for over a year now and I honestly LOVE coming to work. I was nervous coming to a MENS ONLY salon....I was afraid I’d get bored with the same hair-cut, over and over. I was afraid I’d miss doing women’s color.and I was afraid I wouldn’t be fast enough. I had been working at an internationally known salon. My haircuts started at $24.00. But guess what we weren’t busy. My tips were lousy and my paychecks were pathetic. Then I came to THE BARBERSHOP....with so many different types of men; different ages, occupations, backgrounds, etc....there were LOTS of different styles some get color, some get highlights, some get faux hawks and some wear shags. My speed picked up with my confidence and I’ll tell you....I have more than TRIPLED my income! I don’t have to work 2 or 3 jobs anymore just to get by! Here at The Barbershop we enjoy every other weekend off, great benefits (insurance & paid vacation), a relaxed dress code (love my jeans!) and I get to talk to men all could it get any better?!
~ K

It’s nice having every other weekend off.
~ Nichole

It is so hard to think of what to say about the barbershop because I love everything about it, but I know of the things I love the most. I have never met nicer or more welcoming owners and staff than those at the Barbershop. The team is so considerate of one another. Not only that but the $$$ are so awesome it’s definitely hard to resist. For a long time I was someone that was scared to leave my female clients, but it was the best change I’ve ever made in my life. Men are so relaxed and laid back it’s great. Not only are they laid back but so is our dress code which also won me over, jeans and sneakers who could ever ask for anything better? So, if you love to have fun, make money and feel great, give it a shot I guarantee you’ll love it to.
~ Ashley

Fun atmosphere and great tips. Busiest salon EVER!
~ Chris

My favorite part about working at the Fond du Lac Barbershop is, that there is NO DRAMA! We all love coming to work and we all want to be here. We have a blast!
~ Holly

I love coming to work, it’s such a fun loving environment. My co-workers are amazing, I couldn’t of asked for a better bunch of girls.
~ Krystal

With Flat screen TV’s, peanuts, friendly staff, and an overall comfortable environment, you can feel relaxed at The Barbershop. This goes for customers and employees! The atmosphere here is so welcoming; right from the start I was excited to come to work everyday! Part of my job that I love is working with men only. They are so easy to work with once you get adjusted to catering to them. (Not to mention, they are good tippers!) The benefits at The Barbershop are amazing, so give it a try! What do you have to lose...except maybe a few of those picky female clients?!
~ Mariah

Great money, flexible schedules a fast paced environment.
~ Gina

Working at The Barbershop has many upsides. We only work every other weekend, which is unheard of in this industry. We get insurance reimbursement, which is HUGE. We get vacation. We don’t have to pool our tips. We work with men, who are not only easy to work with, but normally tip really well. Along with these things, The Fond du Lac Barbershop has an amazing team of women. We all get along and are more friends than coworkers. It’s a very fun work environment.
~ Ivy

I like to pamper the customers!
~ Alissa

A great place to work! Love the staff, very fun atmosphere and flexible with your schedule and I can wear jeans to work!
~ Trish

After being in the industry for 12 years, I am finally where I belong. There is finally a salon made for men! The men appreciate the pampering they get at the Barbershop. From the shampoo to the hot towel to the massage, they love it all, and they tip very well! The benefits and pay can not be beat! And the owners appreciate every one of the employees from the receptionists to the stylists all the way up to management! For the first time in my career, I can truly say I LOVE my job!
~ P

“Each stylist has the ability to be able to have a clientele!”

“At the Barbershop, we typically have a receptionist to keep things running smoothly.”

“The hours of operation accommodate life outside of work!”

“The Barbershop has a non-corporate atmosphere!”

“I was new to the salon industry and able to learn so much by working here. Many of the Barbershop employees have worked here for years and can teach you such great techniques to add to your skills!” 

“The Barbershop is growing at a fast rate which has allowed me and other coworkers to grow as well. There are so many opportunities to advance within the company!”

“EVERY OTHER WEEKEND OFF!!! That does not happen often in the salon industry.” 

“The Barbershop is the most positive environment I have ever worked in.”

“Amazing retail prizes!!”

“I’ve been with the Barbershop for four years. It is by far the best company I’ve ever worked for. The clients are great, but even more the people I work with are amazing. I’m a mom and they are flexible with my schedule. The best part is it feels like a family more than just a job.”

“We are like family, the company works as a whole so you can pick up at any location or ask others to work for you from other locations.”

“I paid money and spent a lot of time going to school for cosmetology. I am so glad that I finally found a place that allows me to have a CAREER rather than just being another job.”

 “The look of the salon and the private stations create a great atmosphere.” 

“The staff schedule is out a month prior so we can plan in advance.”

“Flexible dress code, it always allows for diverse style.”

“The Barbershop is a laid-back but also an organized and professional place to work.”

“We are always super busy with our great appointment and walk-in system!”

“Drama-free environment!!!”

“I’ve been here 7 years and it’s the best place in the business. The customers are great and you can build a clientele easily. The owners and managers care about you.” 

“You don’t just feel like 1 employee out of 1000, the owners really appreciate you and incorporate you into everything.”

“At the Barbershop, we make great tips because of the incredible value that clients get from our services.”

“We are not rushed during each hair cut so there is plenty of time to get to know your clients and have great conversation.”

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